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  SmartForest with AI in the cloud
Cloud technology provides new opportunities to process large amounts of data. Through the ForestSens cloud solution, artificial intelligence is being used to analyse large amounts of data throughout the forestry value chain – from planting and silviculture to harvesting and sawmills.
In the SmartForest project, researchers will use cloud technology from the IT company Oracle to make available an analysis tool for sensor data from the forest. Insights from collected data can help to provide better services and make it possible to resolve forestry tasks more efficiently with a higher level of quality than today.
“The results could be increased profitability in the forestry sector, reduced costs and less environmental impact,” explains Rasmus Astrup, head of SmartFor- est – centre for research-based innovation (SFI).
“In the SmartForest project we want to bring about a digital transformation in the forestry industry.”
The basis for such a transformation is the desire for more sustainable operations, increased competitive- ness, and better efficiency in forestry operations. Large datasets and high-resolution images from drones and harvesting machines, among others, are
important tools in following the development in the forest. But analysing large datasets requires smart algorithms and powerful computer capacity.
The idea is to have a system that can receive images for example from different sensors mounted on drones, harvesting machines, vehicles and whatever is out in the forest. This information is sent to the cloud service and machine learning algorithms will then process the data and produce information that can be used in various forestry services.
This could be data that provides information for example about forest damage, forest road mainte- nance requirements, use of different forest pro- cesses, certification information, valuation, and environmental information.
“Overall, it’s about how we can manage our forests well,” concludes Astrup.
Photo: Stafano Puliti
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Provide the forestry industry with knowledge on how new technology such as drones, remote sensing, machine data, robotics, blockchain and digital twin can be used to increase value creation and the environmental work in the Norwegian forestry sector.
The Norwegian University of Life Sciences, University of Oslo, three foreign research partners and several business partners from the Norwegian forestry industry
The Research Council of Norway
Head of Research Rasmus Astrup. E-mail:, phone: +47 941 51 660. Division of Forest and Forest Resources

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