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 Stocks of pink salmon in Norwegian rivers have received attention in recent years for being alien, invasive and undesirable. A lot of resources are used on a local level to suppress the species, but for the moment it is unknown whether the measures are effective.
– “The major expansion is possibly due to climate change and means that the pink salmon is an example of an invasive species that can pose major challenges for us, but also opportunities as it is an excellent edible fish if caught at sea,” explains Snorre Hagen, Head of Research at NIBIO Svanhovd.
Much of the current understanding of pink salmon is based on foreign studies, and several observations in Norway differ from this established knowledge. There is also a lot that is unknown, or rather uncertain, including what impact pink salmon has on Norwegian species and ecosystems.
In a new venture, NIBIO in partnership with authori- ties, research, management, voluntary organisations,
business, and the public, will obtain knowledge about the species from a Norwegian point of view.
The problem of pink salmon is complicated and socially relevant where the long-term creation of knowledge and competence are at the very centre.
– “Among the things we want to find out is how the stocks develop and shift. We also want to study the biology of the species, what impact it has on ecosys- tems, what measures work best and at what time, as well as questions relating to the development of knowledge-based management strategies,” says Hagen.
The work involved in building a genetic database on pink salmon as a tool for research and management, as well as developing methods for genetic studies, is ongoing and will continue throughout the project period.
Photo: Josefine Bergs
 Pink salmon – resource or scourge?
Stocks of pink salmon in Norway have practically exploded and in 2021 the species was caught in rivers from north to south. Now NIBIO will obtain new information for sustainable management and possible exploitation of the blacklisted species.
 Purpose: Obtain new knowledge about pink salmon for sustainable management and possible exploitation.
Contact: Head of Department/Head of Research Snorre Hagen E-mail:, phone: +47 932 40 197.
Division of Environment and Natural Resources

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