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The year 2020 will go down in history as unusual and different — the year of the coronavirus. Naturally,
it has also affected the work of NIBIO. But despite that, we have a great deal to show for in terms of specialist production and dissemination, across a wide range of areas that are important to many people in the Norwegian society.
The year 2020 was also special for another reason — this was the year NIBIO celebrated its fifth birthday. Mergers take time and can be difficult, but also create space for development and essential change and NIBIO has come a long way in these five years.
We carry out extensive specialist activity all over the country, and increasingly beyond Norway’s borders too. Our broad foundation, covering specialist production problems and value creation, resource and environmental issues with economics and social science included, means that we can fully back up our slogan “NIBIO — Making Sustainability Meaningful.” It is the core of our social responsibility. In other words, our aim is for our expertise to contribute to a positive society, where sustainable solutions depend on the abilities and specialist insight that allow us to balance a range of considerations.
With enormous diversity and more than 1,000 projects in our portfolio, it is virtually impossible to present a full picture of NIBIO’s specialised activities. In this brochure, we therefore present just a small selection of articles which are a sample of our specialised activities in 2020. We hope these samples are enough to tempt you to want to find out more about NIBIO and all the exciting projects and specialised development that our 700 employees contribute towards.
Nils Vagstad Director General

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