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With its five specialized divisions, NIBIO possesses a distinctive expertise and specialist profile that aligns perfectly with the core principles of sustainability: knowledge about value creation, environmental science and resource management, as well as economics and social development. NIBIO also has a solid regional base with departments and specialists all over Norway. What is more, we are an important international player in what is defined as “the global grand challenges”.
Due to its comprehensive understanding of sustainability, NIBIO is exceptionally well-equipped to provide tangible and specific contributions to the concept. NIBIO’s readiness stems from its ability to incorporate and harmonize all three dimensions that constitute sustainability, giving it profound significance. Sustainability is increasingly about effectively managing a dynamic and long-term dilemma, where the main challenge lies in considering and balancing frequently conflicting considerations.
At any one time, NIBIO has around 1,500 projects on the go which contribute to the diversity of knowledge that is needed to manage this dilemma, give substance to sustainability, and identify solutions to specific specialist questions. The activities, each in their unique way, make significant contributions to knowledge in industry, management, and society at local, national, and international levels.
Of this huge multitude of projects, we have gathered 37 examples that provide insight into some of the many activities that take place at our 15 different premises located throughout Norway. We hope this serves as inspiration for you to explore further information regarding the exciting opportunities and significant challenges that we at NIBIO work with.
Enjoy your reading!
Nils Vagstad CEO

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