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This is NIBIO
Division of Food Production and Society
The division is the country's leading and largest research environment in the primary sector of Norwegian land-based food production, encompassing both natural and social science disciplines. Here, knowledge is developed on input factors, farming practices, environmental impacts, and yields in crop and livestock production for the benefit of management, industry, and society. Additionally, research and development at the intersection of the green and blue sectors, which is an area of growth within the division, are also conducted.
Division of Forestry and Forest Resources
This division is Norway’s largest supplier of research-based knowledge in forestry and forest resources. It includes sustainable use of resources, optimum forest production, forest inventory, efficient value chains, innovative use of timber products, climate impact of forest and other land use, and the development of rural industries.
Division of Biotechnology and Plant Health
This division manages Norway’s most comprehensive knowledge based on plant health and plant protection. It carries out research on diagnostics, biology, and mapping, as well as on combating organisms that lead to plant disease, pests, and weeds. Other key focus areas include biotechnology, algae, pesticides, and organic chemistry.
Division of Environment and Natural Resources
An innovative R&D institute focusing on soil, water, bioresources, and environmental technology. Climate and environmental measures are core elements of the division’s work, alongside its efforts to develop sustainable and holistic solutions and services. This division is also involved in numerous international projects.
Division of Survey and Statistics
The core competence of this division lies within economic statistics and analysis, resource mapping, and geomatics. The division is responsible for capturing, managing, comprehensively analyzing and presenting data. It includes the Norwegian Genetic Resource Centre and the Budget Committee for Agriculture. Its target audiences are public authorities, industry, and political leaders.
Key Figures:
Number of employees: approx. 711 (December 31, 2022)
Estimated turnover for 2022 was 865 mill.
Number of international projects: approx. 100, of which approx. half are EU or EEA
(H2020, EØS, Era-net). Present in all regions of Norway

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